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The secret to our wood fire pizza ovens is the chamber. Built from refractory concrete, which is made from crushed brick of old kilns. Crushed brick from old kilns is a very rare and sought-after material. In fact, our designers looked in the far north remote areas of China to find the material. Only the best was suitable for this top-quality oven.

The chamber retains heat remarkably and this is the secret to having a good oven for cooking. With a thorough, even cook, your pizza pies will emerge with pristine texture and flavour.

Once we make the shell of the chamber we then insulate the shell then cover it with chicken wire then we carefully render over it giving the oven the natural look. The base of the chamber is fitted with paving bricks. Even under the pavers we have insulation. You can see alot of attention is given to make sure the whole chamber of the oven is insulated. Our ovens are not light weight or some wonderful new material to make it cook better. The weight of them depending on size are 200kg to over 1000kg.

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