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Wood Fired Pizza Trailers

Deluxe Trailer

Compact, lightweight and economical

Deluxe Trailer

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Deluxe Trailer

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The model that started an industry

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Drop In Trailer

Drop In Trailer

With everything together in a single trailer, you can set up shop wherever demand is found. Imagine the numerous locations at which to serve gourmet pizza – business parks, markets, truck stops, to name a few.

These locations often have a need for portable meals. For example, at industrial or corporate parks, employees often rely on meal trucks for lunch. Setting up Woodfired Pizza Trailer is certain to attract a crowd. The alluring oven scent alone will have customers lining up. After their first few bites, customers will be hooked. From then on, each lunch break they’ll be keeping an eye open for your Woodfired Pizza Trailer.

This is not to mention the numerous special occasions at which to bring your Woodfired Pizza Trailer – parties, fetes, sporting events, company gatherings, concerts, shows and more. At such events, attendees typically rely on a vendor for food. The typical mundane choices, however, will hardly stand a chance against your delicious, mouth-watering pizza. Attendees will be lining up to grab a bite.

Not only is this a low-overhead cash business, but the flexibility allows owners to work at their own pace. You can work part time or full time whichever days and hours you like. You can organize it around another job, save it for special occasions, or hire multiple employees to put the oven in use around the clock. The amazing part is it’s all up to you.

Our Woodfired Pizza Trailers are custom built in Australia and equipped with everything you need to make delicious pizzas right on site at any event or party.

We can tailor the build of the trailer to your requirements

Each trailer is outfitted with:

  • A large Wood Fired Pizza Oven that can make several pizzas quickly
  • A cold tray that provides separate storage for the pizza toppings
  • Double sink with hot water
  • A refrigerator for food and drink storage
  • Freezer
  • And many more…

You will be given appropriate training to help you get your Woodfired Pizza Trailer business off the ground. You will become educated in:

  • Local food laws and regulations
  • Food preparation guidelines
  • Functionality of the Woodfired Pizza Trailer

Having your own business with Woodfired Pizza Trailer is just a click away. Complete the simple form on our website or give us a call TODAY!

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