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Serving high quality food is of the utmost importance when planning a special event. Satisfying guests with a good meal will keep spirits high. Booking our Woodfired Pizza Trailer gives your party the benefit of a customisable entrée. A variety of toppings can appease many different diets and appetites. Furthermore, the large oven can prepare several pizzas at once, so guests need not wait around all day for their meal. With appropriate planning, Our Woodfired Pizza Trailer will feed an entire group of hungry guests.

As a host, not only will your guests be satisfied, but they’ll also be delighted by the fresh, gourmet taste. Watching the pizza cook in a unique wood fire oven is a thrill only surpassed by the first bite. The crispy texture and robust taste will be the talk of the party.

Along with the oven, trailers feature a cold tray that provides separate storage for a variety of pizza toppings. Guests will enjoy the range of choices. But what meal is complete without a thirst-quenching beverage? Our Woodfired Pizza Trailers are also fitted with a refrigerator to provide for food and drink storage. Customers can be provided with a range of beverage choices that are sure to quench their thirst.

Make your next party or event something special with a Italian Woodfired Pizza Trailer.

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